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Vibratory finishing by ME 3D to prep parts for painting or simply to smooth surface.

Vibratory Finishing of Metals and Plastics

Vibratory Finishing or Mass finishing is a process by which the surface of an object is modified or smooth to obtain a desired smoothness or texture.  It can also be used for deburring, radisusing edges, smoothing surfaces, polishing surfaces, or removing surface grease either one by one or in mass quantities.

The vibratory machine uses a wide variety of different medias to obtain varying goals.  The individual kernels of media come in a wide variety of shapes are made from a wide variety of materials dependent upon the task at hand.  The media kernels can be made from ceramic, glass, plastic, polyester, walnuts, corn, kitty litter, and a vast variety of other compounds.  The media is usual mixed with a finishing compound and after the process is completed it is rinsed.