About Us


Facility Address Registered Address
Unit F3 4 The Gallery
Holly Farm Business Park 91 Abbey End
Honiley, Kenilworth Kenilworth
Warwickshire Warwickshire
United Kingdom United Kingdom

ME 3D was founded in 2015 as a new company with a mission of focusing and enhancing 3D printing within industrial applications but ME 3D welcomes ALL 3D printing inquiries no matter how large or small or what the application is, private consumer or industrial.


With initial investments in 5 3D printers and 1 scanner ME 3D has made major steps towards being a firm that has exceptional knowledge of 3D printing and in turn being able to use this knowledge to produce parts and components with additive processes that have the same level of integrity and functionality as traditionally manufactured parts.

Our Prospects

We at ME 3D are very excited about our prospects within the world of additive manufacturing at present and we are excited about what additive manufacturing will bring to the world in the next 5, 10, and 25 years.


Facility Address                                                                                               Registered Address
Unit F3                                                                                                                4 The Gallery
Holly Farm Business Park                                                                                91 Abbey End
Honiley, Kenilworth                                                                                           Kenilworth
Warwickshire                                                                                                     Warwickshire
CV8 1NP                                                                                                              CV8 1QJ
United Kingdom                                                                                                United Kingdom