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ME 3D is a company based in Warwickshire and focuses on additive manufacturing not only for industry but also end user/consumer applications.  ME 3D has invested largely in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and post processing equipment. ME 3D capabilities including printing fully functional 3D components from industrial thermoplastics suitable for industrial applications.  Some common applications include cogs, housings, brackets, jigs, fixtures, and tooling.   Small to mid quantity production is also one of our specialities where the needed quantity does not warrant a large investment in design and tooling.

Some recently completed applications are such items as brackets for a machine where they were readily available on the open market but the customer had 1 remaining bracket.  ME 3D scanned the remaining object with our ultra high resolution scanner and thereafter back-engineered the object through our design software and there after created a mirror object producing lefthand and righthand components.  Then we printed the brackets from a polymer suited for brackets, Nylon 6.  This was all completed within 5 days and returned to the customer bringing the machine back to functionality and profitability.

ME 3D Fortus 380mc

One of our several 3D Printers. Stratasys Fortus 380mc capable of printing a wide variety of industrial thermoplastics.


Super High Resolution 3D Scanning.

Reproduction, Reverse Engineering, Product Modifiction.


ME 3D offers a wide variety of services for all industries.  Check our services out at….