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ME 3D can take your current model and convert it to 3D with ease!


No Matter if it is an idea or a concept needing technical drawings, a legacy component that you cannot find anymore in the marketplace, a component where your technical drawings have vanished, or an item you wish to have produced for short to medium run production.

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ME 3D offers a wide variety of Services!

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Our store is not only a place to purchase 3D printed items and products but is also display of models and designs that we have developed over the last few years. All items are customisable and through our offered 3D design services. Please click and view.

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Virtual Warehousing / Portal

Using our bespoke customer portal, you can upload your own custom 3D model files, view them through our software and order them through our store for delivery to you. If you can’t find the right product for you, then you can create it yourself and we’ll produce it for you.

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ME 3D Staff are always professional, informative, always up to date on current standards, and all of our staff have backgrounds that come from a diverse cross-section of industries, and are always anxious to help.
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Our Shop Displays our Models that are on offer as 3D Printed Objects.
All models are customisable to suit your application.